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To Conservatives: My Thoughts on McCain-Palin Lies

I was going to post about all the lies from M-P about how you, Joe and Jane American, will be paying higher taxes on damn near everything…which is bullshit. But really, you’re not going to change your mind, are you? … Continue reading

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My Own Private Wackaloon

Over a year ago, back when this was still, I posted about Paul Hill Days, during which anti-abortion mercenaries celebrated doctor-killer Paul Hill. Today, I got a response from none other than the Rev. Donald Spitz as a comment … Continue reading

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STDs Rampant Among US Teenage Girls…I Wonder Why?

According to this BBC article, 25% of US teen girls have an STD. HPV (the one that can cause cervical cancer, and for which we have a vaccine) leads the pack. Could it be because teens are horny (admit it, … Continue reading

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Tonight’s Movie: “Jesus Camp”

I’ve not been posting the AGJ movies and Peace Vigils lately, but tonight’s movie at the Ames Public Library is “Jesus Camp“. It chronicles the kind of training Christian children are getting to prepare them to be the next generation’s … Continue reading

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Damn, How Do I Miss These Heckling Opportunities?

According to the Iowa State Daily, Missionaries to the Preborn Iowa was on the ISU campus yesterday, by Parks Library. These are the people with the pictures of aborted fetuses and attitudes straight out of the Dark Ages.

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