October 27th Peace Rally

I went to the Peace Rally in Des Moines yesterday. Now, I will admit that these rallies, in part, are networking events for us peaceniks, and it’s part of the reason we go. Of course, we also show the world that the status quo must not remain, especially with Dear Leader threatening Iran and apparently Cuba, now. I have pictures and video that I will post later.

What really got to me was Terri Jones, mother of an Iraq War vet who committed suicide, talking about her little grandson, and her community in rural Iowa, and how impoverished they really were. We can’t stop at opposing war in Iraq. We must oppose the repression here at home against those who are already down and out.

On a personal level, I think we can start by buying stuff made in the USA and in other countries where the rights of workers (we’re talking basic stuff like 40 hour work weeks and decent housing) are respected and encouraged. That’s not meant as a slam against anyone not in the USA. Rather, it’s a recognition that many (not all) big American corporations are moving jobs out of the USA just because of the cheap, inhumane labor practices elsewhere. It’s time to stand up.

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