Peace Vigils

We are still having regularly scheduled Peace Vigils every Wednesday at 5:30 PM at the corner of Welch and Lincoln Way in Ames. This Vigil is sponsored by the Alliance for Global Justice and Time for Peace, and happens each Wednesday regardless of whether it’s announced here or not. In fact, most vigil announcements you see here will be periodic reminders like this one, or cancellation notices (mainly for bad weather).

Anyone can attend to protest the current U.S. wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as other war-related issues. We are progressives, so that tells you how we lean politically. A “Nuke Iraq, Take Their Gas” sign would be seriously out of place and not welcome. We are generally quiet, letting our consistent presence speak loudest, rather than acrimonious chants and responses-in-kind to drivers that, politely put, don’t agree with us.

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