My Thoughts on the Gonzalez Thing

You probably know by now what happened at the Late 70s Dance Craze Institute’s press conference on Monday. They essentially showed that the tenure process at ISU worked as designed, and Gonzalez was denied tenure for promoting crazy, psuedoscientific crap. His peers reviewed his record and determined that it did not show him to be deserving of a nearly-permanent job at Iowa State. Good for them. As I understand this, at this point Gonzalez should be shopping his CV around for jobs that might offer him a chance at tenure.

But I know that’s not going to happen. I used to believe the same crap the Late 70s Dance Craze Institute is promoting. IDists must have the imprimatur of science on their crackpot theories to have even a shred of respectability. They know that if ID is rejected by the American public, then fundamentalist religion, particularly Christian fundamentalism, is done. Their whole theology hangs on the belief that their god literally created the Universe, and humans went and screwed it up, requiring the sacrifice of a divine, sinless human to atone for humanity’s sins. Without a god-driven creation, the whole thing falls apart.

The IDists are desperate. They lost at Dover, and now they are setting up another legal battle here in Iowa. I predict they will ultimately lose, but they will be able to play, once again, the martyrdom and persecution cards, and those make one feel very special as a fundamentalist of any stripe.

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  1. Matt says:

    As a practicing crackpot I take great offense to being compared with a Discovery Institute mental ejaculate.

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