So I’m Getting Back Into The Swing of Things…

I promise to not be depressing, but with the current administration it’s kinda hard. Anyway, I went to my Very First Democratic Caucus(tm). This being Iowa, the caucuses were a big deal. In the interests of full disclosure, I caucused for Obama.

My sister-in-law, who is not a Dirty Liberal Hippie like I am, caucused for the Republicans in…another city in Iowa. We compared notes when they came down for my birthday.

It sounds like both major parties enjoyed insane turnouts. Here in Ames, at my caucus site, we had overflow problems in the elementary school gymnasium. The Obama supporters were moved from the gym to the art room and then out into the hall, where they had to count us as we filed past. I don’t recall the outcome offhand, but Obama got 7 delegates here, which is the most any candidate could get at our precinct. My sister-in-law said that their caucus, while more organized, was just as crazy. She was stuck in the traffic arriving at the site, and she arrived early! Both sites had huge lines for voter registration.

This is gonna be a wild election, folks!

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