So I went to have my brains scooped out see “Expelled“. If you’re a regular reader of Pharyngula (which you should be), you are very familiar with all of the old anti-evolution chestnuts trotted out by this film. This is not my review of the film…it is a warning to my fellow non-creationists.

The Varsity II theater was packed for the late showing. There were some seats in the front, but no one ever takes those. I would estimate roughly 150-200 were in attendance. The unsettling part was that almost all of those were from local fundamentalist and evangelical Christian churches. There was even applause at the end of the film!

The point of this oh-so-early-in-the-morning post is simple. Anti-evolution forces in Ames are well-organized, and this may be more of a battle than any of us non-creationists thought. (It also bugs me that I am so far out of the loop on all things Christian that this took me by surprise.)

Of course, I wish people wouldn’t buy into this crap. My wish is not reality, not at all. Expect the fights over evolution to rage on.

Media coverage:

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