My Own Private Wackaloon

Over a year ago, back when this was still, I posted about Paul Hill Days, during which anti-abortion mercenaries celebrated doctor-killer Paul Hill. Today, I got a response from none other than the Rev. Donald Spitz as a comment to my previously mentioned post. He’s an Army of God nutter (sorry, no link love…go search for it). Here’s the Southern Poverty Law Center’s take on him. Apparently, he hasn’t read some of the earlier entries on this blog…I’m a de-convert from the fundy Christianity the good Rev. appears to embrace.

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One Response to My Own Private Wackaloon

  1. Jen R says:

    Your old post turned up on a Google Web Alert for “Paul Hill Days” a few days ago, and that’s probably how Spitz found you. He seems to turn up wherever people are discussing (particularly condemning) the killing of abortion personnel. He’s a little like Kibo, if Kibo were a cheerleader for murderers.

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