Know Thine Enemy…

OK, that title sounds a little harsh, but you need to study your foes in order to defeat them. You can check out the anti-gay marriage opposition in Iowa at (You’ll have to cut & paste that into your address bar…I’m not giving them any link love.) They are a part of the Iowa Family Policy Center (Google it…no linky love here, either).

Their goal is to amend the Iowa Constitution to define marriage as one man, one woman, which is bad for the LGBTQQ folks, but also hurts us polys, too. In Iowa, amending the Constitution is a long and difficult process (as it should be). Essentially, any amendment needs to be voted through two consecutive legislative sessions and then voted on by the people. So yeah, it’s not easy to change.

My beef with all these referendums is that civil rights should not be left up to a vote. Honestly, as a people, if we had that choice to make we would still practice legalized racial segregation, which make no more sense than discrimination against the LGBT crowd.

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