Health Care Reform — the Battle Is Not Over

Health care reform passed Congress last night and is on its way to the President for signing, which will no doubt happen. (So much out there to link to, so just Google it.) The resulting bill has some good stuff in it, like eliminating pre-existing conditions and removing lifetime caps on coverage, and requiring all citizens with a few exceptions to carry health insurance (which should drive premiums down) and helping small businesses to pool together their insurance. (Again, so many sources out there…just Google it.)

But the battle is not over. Listen to John Boehner’s response to the legislation if you get the chance. Check it out below:

Republicans will be fighting this one for years, and it will be just like when we got Social Security. The right never forgave the left for that, either, and has been trying to gut it ever since, and they will try to kneecap this legislation over the coming years as well.

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