Hey Hams…Think the #GOPShutdown Doesn’t Affect You? Guess Again!

If you go to the FCC web page at www.fcc.gov today, you do not get access to ULS or most other things you might find useful. Instead, you get this:

FCC.gov shut down

This is what happens when Republicans have a hissy-fit over laws that have already been passed and *litigated before the Supreme Court*. This is not how grown adults deal with changing a law. This is not how adults serve their country.

This is how children behave. This is what bullies do. Instead of trying, for example, to dial back the crazy a bit and maybe get more of their people re-elected and change the law through the legislative process, they take both their enemies’ constituency and their own hostage. So far, our economy hasn’t been wrecked, but in about two weeks, the full faith and credit of the United States of America is on the line when we hit our debt ceiling, mostly paying for wars that Republicans (mainly) started. If we do not increase the debt ceiling, we stop paying our bills.

That is when Republicans get to shoot the hostage. That is when all hell breaks loose.

November, 2014 can’t come soon enough. Expect us to turn out at the polls. We do not forgive. We do not forget.


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