How Shall I Be A Feminist?

Here’s a draft post I’ve had rattling around here for a while, and I found it while cleaning up the site. I think it deserves to be published, so here it is.

Warning: the following is full of white, cis, American male crap, because that roughly describes my personal experience. Enlightening me is strongly encouraged, and welcome.

I’ve been thinking lately about how to be a male ally feminist.

It’s not confusing, really…it’s about equality for all.

I do all the normal stuff: I treat the women in my life as my equals, I don’t catcall, I am pro-choice because I believe women should be able to make their own medical decisions, I am horrified to see the misogyny on Facebook and in nearly every religion. I’m still split about amateur porn.

What can we as men do to lift women up? There is the basic stuff we already do as “enlightened” white cis American males (laid out very roughly above), but what more do we need (and I mean that) to do?

Here is what I will do. I am going to read the book that really set off the modern American feminist movement. I am going to read “The Feminine Mystique.”

That’s a start, but I am begging for your help, especially if you are a woman in my life.

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  1. ajeffri says:

    BTW, since this was written a few years ago, I’ve decided I’m OK with amateur porn.

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