If the GOP fails to allow raising the debt ceiling, there will be war…

Dear GOP,

If you do not raise the debt ceiling, blood WILL (probably…we can hope against the odds) be on your hands. There will be anger, riots, maybe civil war. And honestly, if people *must* die from your stupidity, I sincerely hope it’s you. You suck.

You have utterly destroyed this nation. You have stopped the teaching of science (you know…REALITY) in many of our classrooms. You want us to be unthinking idiots. Fuckers.

You hate empowered women. You fucking do. It’s just not your god’s way.

Fuck you.

You most likely will destroy our economy. You won’t blink on the debt ceiling (which you should). You will hold all of us hostage just because you don’t want us to have reasonable healthcare. Because caring for people is apparently socialist. Or something. It doesn’t fucking make sense.

Fuck you, Rethuglicans. Get out of the fucking way. I’m done being nice, and so are millions of your fellow Americans. I hate violence, but all you are doing now is exhausting ALL non-violent methods of change.

In all likelihood, I won’t be holding the guns, but damn…when you’re first up against the wall, I won’t be crying for you. You have the chance to back away from this cliff, and I hope you do, because if you don’t, the Great Depression will be peanuts compared to what hell you will force on us and yourselves.

Don’t do this. Don’t make the hostages want to shoot back. You are going too far.

As for what you’ve already done: come November, 2014, I will not forgive and I will not forget. Millions of Americans who might otherwise consider your candidates won’t be forgiving, nor will they be forgetting.

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