Problems installing cqrlog on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

I had a problem today getting cqrlog to install on my Ubuntu 14.04 laptop, and here is how I solved it. This assumes you do not have mariadb already installed. If you already have that installed, you won’t have problems installing cqrlog the normal way.

  1. sudo aptitude purge cqrlog mariadb-server-5.5 mariadb-client-5.5 libmariadbclient18 (since I tried to install it with “sudo aptitude install cqrlog” and it choked; this cleans up the mess)
  2. sudo mkdir /var/run/mysqld (creates a directory the mariadb-server-5.5 package is trying to delete)
  3. sudo touch /var/lib/mysql/debian-blarg.flag (creates a dummy file for the same package to delete)
  4. sudo aptitude install mariadb-server (installs mariadb)
  5. sudo aptitude install cqrlog

That should get you going.

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