Musings About the Death Penalty

I’m against the death penalty.

This is why today’s sentence in the Boston Marathon bombing case — death for Tsarnaev — is a bit difficult to take. On the one hand, I won’t be sorry to see him dead, but on the other the sentence brings us down to the terrorists’ level.

I guess I should lay out why I hate execution. My main problem is that it’s so permanent. There’s no fixing executing the wrong person. There’s no justice if injustice, such as a wrongful convistion, cannot be undone.

Then there’s Ghandi’s admonition, “An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.”

I wish I had an easy answer…a sentence of life in prison doesn’t seem to be justice, but maybe that’s the3 best we can do.

Maybe the answer is to stop creating terrorists in the first place.

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